... Sarah Perez's op-ed on ReadWriteWeb pretty well sums up why I don't have any Android devices yet. They seem to perpetually be behind Apple, for my use cases (and maybe not yours), and about the time they're close Apple leaps ahead again. I've used an iPhone for several years now and, if for no other reason than a constant desire for change, would like to change platforms. The rumors regarding a new iPhone seem to point to only a modest update later this year. If so that may be enough for Android to do some major catching up and finally make me consider a change. On the other hand in the tablet space I think Apple is so far ahead I don't see anyone catching them in the next 12 months. And maybe therein lies the cause of the predicted modest update to the iPhone - Apple could be pouring the resources into rapid innovation of the iPad instead.


Consumers Don’t Want Prototypes (They Want iPads).